Article 10. Of The Usps-Nrlca National Agreement

For these workers, leave is governed by existing collective agreements. Note also: After being assigned and served for more than 90 days on a free lane or on an itinerary from which a rural carrier is on an extended vacation, or after a CAR has been assigned and served for more than 90 days on an aid route, it may take the annual vacation run. Annual leave is granted in accordance with normal leave conditions and the terms of the existing collective agreement. It is granted at least 1 day for regular lines or 1 hour for ancillary journeys, provided a replacement leave is available. Annual leave is earned by a regular land carrier in accordance with 512.311 and under the existing collective agreement. It is taken in at least 1 day (8 hours) provided a replacement leave is available. Holidays cannot be calculated for national holidays, days or absences designated by national law, which have been authorized by administrative means. The annual leave-sharing program provides employees with the opportunity to receive and use donated annual leave and to donate annual leave to another employee under certain conditions. The program is limited to career unit staff and collective agreements, as well as non-professional workers known as transition employees (TE) under certain collective agreements. The terms of this program are defined in existing collective agreements and mous. Instructions for the management of terms and conditions can be accessed in the annual Leave Sharing Program. Some national collective agreements provide for the possibility of leave for the workers concerned. Eligibility and other conditions of this option are defined in collective agreements and program management information.

When employees die on duty, payments for the terminal leave are made as follows: The open season for the annual holiday exchange program runs annually from November 15 to December 15. Eligible employees are informed of the elections before the open season. The exchange is effective for the first full salary period of the new year of leave. . An employee who moves from the post office to another federal authority after a service interruption is separated (see 512.7) and returns later (see 512.9). Each cumulative leave is not transferred, but paid in lump sum. With the exception of emergency situations, annual leave must be requested on the PS 3971 form for all employees, except postal workers, and approved beforehand by the competent supervisor. Applications for leave from regional air carriers must be approved in accordance with Article 10 of the USPS-NRLCA national agreement.

104 hours or 13 days per 26-year period or 4 hours for each two-week period. . The separation of workers may benefit from a lump sum pension allowance under the following conditions: annual leave is granted to workers on rest, rest, rest and for personal and emergency purposes. 1 Except that the limit for the last salary period of the calendar year may be 10 hours, provided the worker has the 130 or more hours eligible during the year of leave in a salary status.

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