What Is The Difference Between Acceptance And Agreement

A consent and obligation of the person on whom a bill of exchange is derived to pay it when it is due in accordance with the conditions of acceptance. I don`t think we`re likely to be judged, but people still feel condemned. Maybe it`s because they also need to learn the lesson we need to apply: the difference between acceptance and agreement. For example, the way someone sees sexual morality is the strange new litmus test of reciprocity these days. Many people hated us Christians, but our morals. They even felt “settled” when we were nice and then we didn`t agree with them; they felt welcome to say what they thought, and then felt betrayed when asked to listen. Especially when it comes to unbelievers, they should probably stop themselves from requiring Jesus` followers to sign up for the latest versions of world philosophy, just as they don`t believe Christians should tell them how to live. I felt that the church was also demanding and a little carefree this week; So I also know how hard it can be to turn around and stay with love when I don`t feel the love that comes my way. However, I still want to invite people in this process to stay with love in honor of Jesus. Not all stories have such an end, but if you live in the tension of accepting and agreeing with someone, listen to me about it. If I had chosen to see acceptance and agreement as synonyms, I am not sure that my parents would have submitted their lives to Christ. If I believed there was no difference between my parents` acceptance and approval, we wouldn`t have a relationship today. I hope I`m not wrong, but I think people can make mutually respectful friendships without demanding absolute agreement on all matters (most marriages seem to work that way!).

There is a difference between acceptance and agreement. If there is an acceptance, a necessary agreement can be reached. Ultimately, mutually respectful diversity offers us the most opportunities to grow, love, and learn. Moreover, Jesus allows us to heal our wounds and make us one, just as the healer and the Father are one, which is much more satisfying than anything the forces promise. Despite our differences, I was able to continue talking to this person. In my own head, I didn`t agree with everything the person said, but I could accept his opinion. Never ask love for an agreement on a theology or a life decision. What we agree on is changing. Building love on the agreement will lead us to deal with tension in dangerous ways: alienating loved ones, sacrificing beliefs, sweeping beliefs under the rug, etc.

Even in some of my closest relationships, we won`t agree, but I refuse to give up the relationship. .

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