Chatham Kent Fire Collective Agreement

The city was once home to both a high school and a primary school. After 100 students enged, Merlin District High School, located on William Street and home to Merlin`s Mustangs, was closed around 1980 and then demolished. The Merlin Area Public School, home of the Merlin Colts, is still located on the northern outskirts of the city on Erie Street. [2] The school was opened in 1968 and currently has about 250 students. The Merlin Library is located on Aberdeen Street and has books, internet access and resource sharing agreements with other public libraries in Chatham-Kent. [3] Merlin is a small peasant community of 750 people in southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is located five kilometres north of the bank of the Eriese, in the commune of Chatham-Kent. Merlin`s name was given to him in 1868 by the Post Office, according to a village near Edinburgh, Scotland. [1] The city has three main streets that fork from the main intersection.

Erie Street (Merlin Town Line) runs through the centre of the city to the north and south. William Street begins at the main junction and heads west towards the town of Tilbury, while Aberdeen Street leads from the main junction east towards the hamlet of South Buxton. Merlin is the hometown of country singer Michelle Wright. For local amenities, Merlin has three restaurants – Erie Café & Variety, The Garage and Flame & Frostbite – two mixed goods stores and a Canada Post branch. Merlin is also home to summer`s Gold Honey Company, Chatham-Kent`s only honey packaging plant. Summer`s Gold Honey Company offers both wholesale and retail trade in honey and beehive products, including but not limited to honey, beeswax, candles, soap and lip balm. Guided tours of the facility are possible upon prior request. The town of Merlin and the adjacent townships of Tilbury East on the west side and Raleigh on the east (since the creation of the municipality of Chatham-Kent in 1998, the townships have not officially been townships) retain agriculture as their main industry. A significant change in the local landscape began in 2007 with the construction of 44 wind turbines by Kruger Energy. The wind turbines were built in Denmark and are capable of producing 2.3 megawatts (MW) (total of 101.2 MW). [6] There is an alleged haunted house in Merlin.

The residency is featured in an annual local “Ghost Walks of Chatham”. [5] The Kinsmen who have a charter in Merlin[4] maintain Merlin Kinsmen Park, which has a playground, splash pad, shelters and two baseball diamonds. A community centre and another baseball diamond are located on the east side of town and are entertained by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent…

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