Paid Applications Agreement Schedule 2

I do not see the side, I see the agreements that I have already made, but nothing new that I can approve. Has anyone solved this problem? 🚨🚨🚨So an updated Apple Developer Program deal and the oppressive language around subscription paywalls has been backed down. Item 3.8 (b) of Schedule 2 has been completely rewritten to charge only the title, length and price. Great news for subscription developers Hello, go to -> select People (in the left area) -> Search the Agent Account Is the account you connect to iTunesConnect, with the same email address as the person under the agent? If not, use this email address to connect to, then continue with the Agreement, Tax and Banking module. There should be a blue button that says request and you can continue to accept the agreement from there. What we`re going to discuss is Apple`s paid application agreement. AAP is a 37-page agreement that you must approve before submitting your application. It can be read on iTunes Connect. From the ACCORD, we are looking at Appendix 2, Section 3.8 (b) of the document. To accept this agreement, they must have already accepted apple Developer Program`s licensing agreement on their account on the developers` website. I`ve had a developer account for a few years and I`ve been successfully publishing paid apps for a while. Today, when I log in to iTunes Connect, I see above a new post: A blog we previously wrote gives you the best tips you can follow to prevent Apple from refusing your application filing.

However, we find more in the policies of the Apple app. A small, often ignored, excerpt of the guidelines contains very specific rules. If you do everything else perfect and miss this part, all your efforts could be wasted. On this blog, you`ll find out what this part of the policy is and how to prepare your application. One thing you need to know before moving forward is that the directive we will discuss on the blog is only for applications that have a paid subscription model. Once you submit your apps, Apple executives will decide whether or not your apps belong to the App Store-7. You look at Apple App Store policies and test your apps according to their different predefined rules. Then they`ll decide whether or not to accept your app on the App Store. If you violate their agreements, you will refuse your application transfer. I have the same problem. I see the agreements, but nothing new to accept or submit.

Stucked and can`t release a new version of my app. If I go, your… All I see is a white/empty side with a grey square centered in the middle.

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