Bill Clinton Peace Agreement

Moreover, many believe that Clinton has not abandoned her idealistic dream of peace, despite a growing global consensus on breaking peace – perhaps irretrievably. Finally, I would like to say that the Jordanian Government`s attitude towards the agreement seems to be a delicate balance between serene, objective cooperation and occasional hostility, which sometimes implies public condemnation in the interest of maintaining internal stability. Israel, for its part, seems to have become accustomed to this reality and to the fact that peace between the two states will continue at the administrative level and will not spread further. I hope that one day the parties will find a way around this difficulty, to conclude an agreement supported by citizens on both sides of the border. It may be a long road ahead, but the fact that the existing agreement has maintained peace for a quarter of a century certainly provides a solid basis for the development of better relations in the future. The Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty (formerly the “Peace Treaty between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan”) [Note 1] is sometimes referred to as the Wadi Araba Treaty[1] is an agreement that ended the open conflict between the two countries and ended mutual diplomatic relations. The signing ceremony took place on 26 October 1994 at the southern crossing point of the Arabah. Jordan was the second Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel, after Egypt. [2] They agree that memories of his own struggle for peace continue to swing aloud in his head. At the banquet of the night, Clinton spoke of the king`s extraordinary courage in seeking peace. He compared him to his grandfather, who was murdered for his conversations with Israel.

Hussein had lived through the murder of King Abdullah and had himself narrowly escaped death – in fact, the killer`s bullet ripped off a medal worn by his grandfather that day. Hussein was visibly moved. He also wanted Halevy as Israel`s chief negotiator. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is expected to be excluded from the talks.

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