Booting PLD/DOS from USB pendrive

Create partition on your flash drive (using fdisk or cfdisk). Mark one of partitions bootable in fdisk/cdisk. Format that partition with FAT/FAT32 filesystem:

mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdXY

where sdXY is your partition.

Mount it and copy contents of PLD RescueCD like x86 and x86_64 ISO image to that partition, to /rcd subdirectory.

Make MBR record:

ms-sys -s /dev/sdX

(where sdX is entire flash disk; ms-sys comes from ms-sys package)

Copy syslinux configuration for USB to root directory of your flash drive as syslinux.cfg. DOS/Windows image should be placed in /rcd/boot/dos.gz (compress it with gzip first).


syslinux -s /dev/sdXY

to load syslinux onto your flash drive.

Reboot your system and check if it boots correctly 🙂

Note that some systems have problems with booting from flash driver (especially big like 1G or 2G flash drives).

3 thoughts on “Booting PLD/DOS from USB pendrive

  1. evil_core says:

    Has anybody idea how to boot from pendrive in “lowe memory” mode ? I work with ~64MB computers w/o cdrom drives in shop.

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