Suspend to RAM on IBM ThinkPad Z60m with SATA drive

Suspend on this laptop works quite well beside one important thing – SATA driver (ata_piix). It doesn’t resume properly, scsi subsystem timeouts, filesystem reports errors and the whole fs is remounted read only.

Recently Hugh Dickins found a way to make resume reliable:

Apply it to latest kernel (2.6.17rc2 in my case) and use suspend userspace tool s2ram.

It isn’t best way (patch violates layers in libata driver) but that’s all. It’s usable until clean solution is found.

5 thoughts on “Suspend to RAM on IBM ThinkPad Z60m with SATA drive

  1. treo says:

    Does it also work with the 2.6.17 Release?

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  2. arekm says: Post Author

    Works well in 2.6.17-rc5-git5 without additional patches, so final 2.6.17 should be good, too.

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  3. treo says:

    I tried it now and it works fine, but i just cant get suspend to disk to work, it seams to write the image just fine and seems to come back, but it hangs after it says “resume: image successfully loaded”. any advice?

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  4. arekm says:

    Do you use tools? These do work well with suspend && resume from ram and from disk for me. There is one glitch – my z60m doesn’t resume properly when glx module is loaded in xorg.conf (note that I have dri/drm running).

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  5. treo says:

    Yes, I use these tools. s2ram works just fine, but I just cant get my x41 resumed, as I said it seems to work but then it just hangs after die already said line.

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